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Oooh dear. [September 4th, 2007]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Against my dear friend peder's wishes I have created a new journal.
Follow the link than read instructions.


The worst is just around the bend... [September 1st, 2007]
[ mood | scared ]

My day wasn't horrible, but still bad. We went out to eat and than shopping for Sam (which oddly enough made me extremely happy). She got a cool ass turtle (I'm jealous ;P) and a Backyardigans(sp?) book about Halloween. I wanted to get her a brightly colored books called something like "When a Monster Is Born", but since my mother was the one buying said book and also believes Halloween is and I quote "the devil" than I decided to stick with a uber kid book. Sammy is happy either way and just (for now) uses the book to push herself around on the floor.
I have a massive amount of shit to worry about (now including my childs health ;\) that it's really getting to me. This morning after laying in bed for an hour staring at the ceiling, I got up, lit up a cigarette, and just bawled like a little kid. Felt nice since everyone else was asleep and there was no one to give me strange looks (except for the cat) or ask me what was wrong. With bills (late and soon coming), a baby who depends on me, and a husband who's as lost as I am. I'm fucked.


Ugh. [September 1st, 2007]
[ mood | stressed ]

I had one of the worse days ever yesterday filled to the brim with over-egotistical people. I found myself wanting to pick up everything and leave. Today is not much better, I still have no water, even less food, and I doubt anything will let this day be any easier than yesterday. It will be a certified miricle if I don't kill someone.


I GOT PAID! [August 30th, 2007]
[ mood | meh ]

From atleast on site. Showed Joe so he'd stop being so pessimistic about all the GPT sites I do. Anyways, I got paid from DealBarbiePaysFast (unlike other GPT sites they pay out every Mon., Wed., & Fri.) Awesomesauce, right? As soon as I get paid from every other site I do I'll post it on here.

Amount made: 9.70
(Click the amount for screenshot from PayPal)

PS: Joe and I also recieved two more hoodies from that Moutain Dew contest (Transformers thingy). We have a total of three and I'm thinking of giving one away. As soon as I can find a pic of one online I'll post it and maybe put it up for grabs.

Show off... [August 30th, 2007]
[ mood | crappy ]

I just felt like showing off my kidCollapse )

Dream camera [August 29th, 2007]
[ mood | hopeful ]

General Electric A730 Digital Camera

I know we don't have the money and probably won't for atleast a month, but I found my dream camera. 7.07 MP, 26 MB internal, & a huge LCD. The fact that it's hurt-your-eyes-pink also tripped my trigger too. Odd, I usually hate pink.

Bah... [August 29th, 2007]
[ mood | bored ]

Our water is supposed to get shut off today. I wish they'd just do it already, it's almost 5 o'clock. I hate waiting for bad things to come around.
Also I hate my husband aunt. Everytime our dog barks she lets him inside. Yet if her dogs (that's right DOGS, plural) are out there yelping and whinning they stay outside until sundown. Stupid bitch.
Now that is out of my system I spent last night looking at bad sex ads on craigslist.com with an almost complete stranger. Most the information I have about him I got off Google and MySpace. God, I sound like a stalker.
My PayPal account finally got verfied so as soon as my GPT sites start paying be prepared for awesome screenshots of moolah.

PS; I've decided to make Happy Halloween cards this year. If you want one comment.


Deer in head lights [August 28th, 2007]
[ mood | confused ]

Have you ever wanted to talk to someone so bad that when you get the chance you have no idea what the hell to say? Mix that with an extreme feeling of anger and you have a weird, confusing feeling. I don't even think there is a name for it. It's just goddamned weird.


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